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About us

Located in Tirgu Mures, at the heart of Romania, MOBEX SA is a private company with 700 employees, continuing the wood manufacturing tradition of several XIX century workshops, which are the basis of its foundation in 1948. MOBEX SA produces a wide range of wooden furniture destined to dwelling houses, hotels and public facilities worldwide.


The models are our own design, but we manufacture upon customer's design as well.The art furniture faithfully replicates the elements specific to the various historic styles, creating an atmosphere of refinement, elegance and belonging to a different epoch. Our hotel furniture is specific for each project, considering the location, the complexity degree and the design the customer has in view. As a general rule, the design is classic, but adapted to the contemporary lifestyle. Every set-up includes, for example, a TV chest and a desk with a keyboard shelf.


Raw materials 

Each of our products is made of solid wood, either alone or in various combinations with veneered particle board, medium-density fiberboard or plywood. The most used wood essences are maple for the art furniture and beech for the classic furniture but we use oak, cherry, lime and poplar, as well. The veneers we use are in cherry, beech, walnut, maple, lime, mahogany and some exotic species like limba, and bubinga.






Our production process includes the use of the latest technologies combined with methods of manual processing, giving our products the character of real furniture. Thereby, we use CNC technology for panel preparation and mechanical processing, automatic lines for finishing, but we also have sequences of manual assembling and finishing. The doors and the drawers are manually assembled to ensure a perfect alignment. The framed panels are mounted so that they can move inside the frame, accomodating to the natural tendency of the solid wood to react to climatic changes.




Wood carving

 Manual carving and intarsia give authenticity to the art furniture, whose beauty is the result of the talent and craftmanship of our employees. Every single piece of furniture is unique and makes you feel it has been manufactured especially for you.





 The finishing of our products lets the natural beauty of the wood come through. The specific grain direction and texture make the furniture look like one of a kind. We use a broad range of finishing colours, each of one being further individualized by different manual approaches.





Depending on the model we can use antiquing techniques to add a historic character to the furniture. A slight sanding of the egdes, a gentle darkening here and there, a waxing of the grooves, all these can credibly create the illusion of time.



Copyright MOBEX SA. © 2013. The content of this product range display may not be reproduced, in whole or part, without written consent of the copyright owner.
Right is reserved to alter specifications, materials and construction without prior notice. MOBEX SA reserves itself the right to make aesthetic or technological changes to its models, including modifying measurements or materials, with no previous notice, in order to guarantee a better quality and durability. Displaying techniques do not allow a perfect colour reproduction, so they are to be considered purely descriptive. All MOBEX SA products are stamped with the company logo, in order to identify their true authenticity.

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